What is Gupit?

masuki in benavidez

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Gupit is a local term for noodles which was popularized by Mamonluk Restaurant.

About Mamonluk:
Originally the famous cantonese retaurant with branches in quiapo, quezon ave and cubao are called Mamon Luk but now the original name was replaced with “Masuki” <<Sounds Japanese huh?>>¬†and its now back to the original location in Binondo where Mami was introduced….. 931 Benavidez St., Binondo, Manila.

  • imbestigador

    Masuki – this is the one that has been featured in Imbestigador who allegedly so much unsanitary practices and even uses water from the banyo for its soup stock.

  • Is there anything special about these noodles? Can I find a recipe somewhere?