La Trinidad Benguet flower farm

La Trinidad Benguet flower farm

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La trinidad is a must see destination in Benguet… about 15 -20 minutes jeepney or taxi drive from the city of Baguio… this├é┬ádestination hosts the yearly Strawberry Festival where the world record breaking “Biggest Strawberry Shortcake” can be found. Top of is the strawberry fields in the La Trinidad valley where one gets to pick his own strawberry’s right out of the plantation. Look around and you’ll find fresh vegetables ready to be harvested or get to choose from the small stalls that sells fresh produce veggies.

As you move on towards La Trinidad, you may want to pass by the flower farms to pick flowers (or plants?) “at your own risk (LOL). As you go back to the city, try visiting the TAMAWAN village… drink a cup of coffee and check out Benguet’s interesting crafts and culture….

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  • Melo,

    do they just allow tourists there inside the flower farms? is it allowed to take photos there?

    im planning to go there this feb

  • Hello Eric,

    this is an open flower farm, you can pick strawberies and flowers (pick as you pay), take photos for free and buy souvernirs…. enjoy your trip..


  • yehey!

    cge i will contact u again a week before i leave for BGO,

    im including this in my itinerary since this was scrapped in my list last year.

    thanks melo!

  • @ Eric,

    You are welcome… enjoy your trip… if you are planning to buy strawberries, bring containers… roll the stawberries in white sugar then store it in the container… it can preserve and make the fruit fresh till you arrive Manila…. quick tip..


  • james

    picking flowers or strawberries are not allowed…u can pick if there are no farmers around…taking pictures there would charge u Php10 but u can take pics when somebody’s not around…

  • Dan

    Really?! Some people in Benguet may charge P10 just for taking pictures?!!!

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  • armie

    hi! may i know the name of the flower farm and its complete address plsssss? TNX…..

  • james

    Originally Posted By armiehi! may i know the name of the flower farm and its complete address plsssss? TNX…..

    there are no specific names of the flower farms here since its just located where strawberries are also planted…you can view it from the road but if u want to see different kinds and varieties of flowers, u can visit Bahong, La Trinidad…

  • Heiz

    From Baguio City, which route will I take to get in to flower farm and strawberry farm? Is it accessible by public transpo vehicles?

    Thanks :)

  • james

    There are 2 jeepney terminals located within Baguio City going to La Trinidad. One is located just below the City Hall or at Rizal Park and the other one is located at Magsaysay or at the Baguio Center Mall. The jeepney routes are either Baguio-Buyagan, Baguio-Trinidad and Baguio Tomay. When visiting the flower farms at Bahong, you must ride only Trinidad or Tomay jeepneys since Buyagan jeepneys will turn left right before reaching the Provincial Capitol.

    Taxi’s are also available from and to Baguio and La Trinidad, you must first ask the drivers you are riding to avoid getting lost…

    You cant contact me at 0915-6133755 when you need help…

  • Originally Posted By jamespicking flowers or strawberries are not allowed…u can pick if there are no farmers around…taking pictures there would charge u Php10 but u can take pics when somebody’s not around…

    Yes it is not allowed… but can ask permission. You cannot just pick flowers because farmers have a way of cutting the stem of the flowers. For the strawberries, they can charge you for P250/kg with free basket. By next year (hopefully), the Benguet State University will be opening a new tourist attraction— that is strawberry picking. Paying P10.00 per picture is a tourist thing— this is one way how farmers get revenues from their farm— and this is only during summer time when there are many tourists visiting the strawberry fields that is owned by the Benguet State University but is being contracted to its employees for the “Sariling Sikap” Program.

  • @Heiz

    You can take the La Trinidad jeeps. These jeeps are located at the Baguio Center Mall. Look for jeeps that will go to these areas: Tomay, Buyagan, Camp Dangwa. You can request the driver to drop you off the BSU last gate and from there you will see the BIG SIGN THAT SAYS:”Strawberry Fields”. Fare from Baguio will be P10.00. If you take the cab, it will cost around P80-90.00.

  • jeff

    Hi please contact me to this # 09219689450, I plan to go to baguio this september and would like to ask where are the best palces to go also to benguet and the cheap house where to stay.

  • Jay

    Hi! do you happen to know months were we can really enjoy seeing beautiful strawberries and flowers? we are planning to go there mid September? Thanks

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  • This is awesome. My wife’s cousins are currently teaching English in Manila and we’re planning on taking a month off to go visit them and tour as much of the Philippines as possible. My wife is a strawberry fiend so you can bet La Trinidad has been added to our must-see list! Cheers!


  • This is a beautiful flower farm. Wish i could visit some day :)

    best regards


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