Bloggers versus Journalists

In most cases, wordwide news stories have been sparked by bloggers. Study shows that Bloggers already outnumber journalists by a large number and are not constrained by deadlines, editors, or fact-checking. Traditional media practitioners are also getting scoops on blogs and using blogs of their own as an online medium for their unpublished articles.

Yahoo! and Google made headlines of their own recently by including blog entries as part of their news and search portal. There an intense debate that bloggers should be somehow tagged as journalists. Just as with journalism, a blog is only as good as its source (or sources).

Blogs are more than facts; they are all about giving opinions. We are living in a generation where restrictions are crumbling, meanings are shifting and roles are merging. Blogging and PR go hand in hand, despite the fact that they sometimes seem to oppose each other.

If a blogger wrote about a disappointment for a product or service, another blogger will use the article as a reference until the story reached the manufacturer or service provider.

Unlike traditional journalism, blogs do not have specific distribution coz its always available online, all you need to do is to Google it.