Is your Vote for Sale?


Corruptions starts from the beggining of the campain period. Worst and clear manifestation of corruption in the country is when politicians bribe voters directly. While people are shouting in Mendiola, Batasan, Liwasang Bonifacio to call for justice, proper governance and of course to fight corruption… The sad part is, they didnt know they place a major role in this corrupt system.

Election in the Philippines is not complete without Vote Buying. We may not be aware but vote buying encompasses many kinds of inducements, such as the distribution of food and alcoholic drinks(Meeting de Abanse), clothing ( Name of the Candidate Printed) or public services (INSURANCE OF MANNY PACQUIAO), in addition to direct monetary exchanges. Jose De Venecia and Manny Pacquiao handed out insurance cards during their respective campaigns in Pangasinan and South Cotabato.

In the Philippines Votes are often bought by incumbents using public funds. Politicians do their best to beautify different key areas in their own City, for all you know the got at least 20% commision out of each “Beautification Project”.

 Vote-buying and vote-selling as defined by the Comelec Omnibus Code

  1. Any person who gives, offers or promises money or anything of value, gives or promises any office or employment, franchise or grant, public or private, or makes or offers to make an expenditure, directly or indirectly, or cause an expenditure to be made to any person, association, corporation, entity, or community in order to induce anyone or the public in general to vote for or against any candidate or withhold his vote in the election, or to vote for or against any aspirant for the nomination or choice of a candidate in a convention or similar selection process of a political party.
  2. Any person, association, corporation, group or community who solicits or receives, directly or indirectly, any expenditure or promise of any office or employment, public or private, for any of the foregoing considerations.

Note: reported on her blog that a bag of Pork was distributed in Tondo, distributors said “Galing po kay Mayor” (coming from Mayor), this was a clear manifestation of Vote Buying in Manila…. Any reaction Mayor Lito Atienza?

  • I do agree… Even though those people who’re running for a position were not yet on the said office, niloloko na nila ang mga mamamayan. Binibili nila ang mga boto nito not just in “cash” but also in kind.

    Worst is, even though people who’re already on the position help them. To name, our justice secretary who pledge an amount of money to ilo-ilo if i’m not mistaken.

    That’s why, people, vote according to your conscience and not because other people said so. At the end, we are answerable to our votes.

  • Well said Angya…. although i will not vote…. I think everybody should be responsible enough to choose the deserving politician….