Making Money through your Blog with Text Link Ads


Most probably you may not heard of Text Link Ads yet or you are already an affiliate but not recognizing its potential. Text Link Ads is a popular ad marketplace where publishers and advertisers can meet to sell or buy text links on websites or blogs. TLA’s great affiliate program allows you earn US $25.00 for every publisher or advertiser that you refer to their website. In order to qualify for a 25USD payment, a publisher you refer must install an advertising script on their website for the minimum period of seven days.

Referred advertisers will be counted in your affiliate account within 24 hours whenever the new advertiser purchases a link. You’ll get paid on the 1st of every month, via check or either Paypal. Now let’s take a look at how you can make money online by participating in Text Link Ad’s affiliate program.

How can you convince people to click on your TLA’s banner ad?

Poor conversion rates is due to the banners poor placement. Placing graphic banners or text links in strategic locations throughout your website can lead to more potential signups.

Getting any visitor to click through on an ad is the first step towards a successful affiliate conversion.