Life is so Unpredictable

Last Saturday Evening, as everyone in the office starts to get busy, one shocking story saddened the whole team, a team-mate informed us that Jessa Joy Domingo already passed away. Are you serious? Everyone asked after Beth informed us about what happened. Although nobody will crack a joke about death, everyone still can’t accept what happened. Jessa was just 21, a young mother of a 2 year old girl named Angel  died a day before Mothers Day.

She was killed by her own boyfriend last May 12,2007. Possible causes of death were already determined. Local Police Forensic Examiner in San Rafael Bulacan reported that aside from the stab wounds a post-mortem examination found that Jessa had suffered facial and head injuries.

This soft spoken young lady died with 16 stab wounds allover her body. A couple of days before she died, she updated her Friendster Blog with this heart breaking farewell message.

So unpredictable

I’ve always known my life is set to be unpredictable and unconventional. I’m 21 and so many things have already happened in my life – things I would never imagine even in my wildest dreams. I guess a big part of all these coming into being is because I’m such a risk-taker. I know what I want and I do all that I can to get it, experience it, taste it. that trait sometimes leaves me with heartaches, pain, tears.. but most important of all, it leaves me with no uncertainties.. I can peacefully move on with a content heart knowing that I did all I can, even if the ending wasn’t very happy, and I would have no what if’s lingering in my heart.. life is really so short to waste on fears, to waste time on making sure the path one will tread on is smooth and friendly.. nothing is certain in this world.. the bad times don’t always end up with bad outcomes.. they sometimes lead to happy endings.. and the bad times don’t last.. and at the end of them all, what counts is the person we’ve become after the trial, the lesson we’ve learned and the strength we have gained..

-=Jessa Joy Domingo=-  October 8,1985 – May 12,2007

We will miss you Jessa,  May you rest in Peace.

You May visit her wake at lock 18 Lot 16 Dinar Street, Lores Country Homes, Antipolo