Starbucks Anyone?

starbucks coffee manila philippinesWhether or not you like Starbucks in your area, This Coffee chain is considered the Philippines favorite Coffee Shop. Surprisingly, the quality of Starbucks coffee here is different from the one in Singapore. I remember ordering Caramel Latte near Fullerton Hotel and I did not appreciate it. While having a short rest from a very long street walking, a Filipino barista served my first ever Singaporean brewed Starbucks coffee and she even asked me “Mas masarap ba ang kape sa Pinas”. I simply said yes. For example, the Starbucks Makati Ave (Pacific Star) serves good latte which gives you a hot and perfect combination of freshly brewed Italian roast coffee with a fair amount of steamed milk but the one in Singapore taste like Skimmed Milk with an instant coffee (LOL). On the positive side Singaporean version of Starbucks barista’s are equally friendly like the locals.

Being a coffee drinker, I have tried various coffee types and I would still prefer Indonesian Java for its super low acidity and high body. Café mochas I’ve had elsewhere were never as hard on me as the one I tried at Starbucks. Just an advice, if you will be using Starbucks as a meeting place with your long lost friend, try to avoid the branches near Call Centers… It is definitely crowded!

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    I also love starbucks. I consume their drinks like 2 times a day except weekend. During weekends I make my own version of starbucks drinks which i got from

  • I like the Starbucks Frappicino, my dear old Dad was way ahead of the curve on this kind of coffee as his personal blend was a third coffee, a third milk, and a sugar-and that was way back in the 1960s.

  • I’ve started making my own coffee at home. If you buy a thing of Starbucks syrup, it tastes almost identical!

  • Starbucks deffinetly Good place to have out with Long lost friend.But to avoid the crowd one would be wisely .

  • Sa Pinaspinaka masarap talagang coffee shop saakin is still starbucks compared sa mga naglabasan tulag ng figaro etc.,

  • I am happy Dunkin Donuts is painting their walls dark colors and adding more tables. Starbucks has done nothing new and the formula is stale.