How to choose a Web Host for your Blog?

Choosing a good web host is the next best thing to do after purchasing your desired Domain Name. The web host plays a vital role for your websites online visibility.

1. Uptime = Reliability: Do not be fooled by large disk space and bandwidth promos. If you are just a new blogger, you need not to have a large space and bandwidth. Bandwidth and Space is not relevant if your blog is not available most of the time.2. Make a Research: Check out webhosting forums for their direct consumer reviews. You will find personal recommendations from consumers itself, after all, they are the first hand users and they know the service and reliability of the Web Host. Check successful blogs, most of them promote their webhost with “Powered By” advertisement.

3. Available and Inclusive Tools – I personally recommend web hosts that uses Cpanel and Fantastico, it’s a commercial script library that gives you seamless installation of web applications. You can easily install WordPress Blog if your host has available Fantastico script library.

4. Support Line: Make sure to test their customer service handling. Try to shoot them an email and check how long will they respond to your inquiry. It will give you an idea how long are you going to wait for their response in case theres a problem on your web hosting. Of course, every webhost will say that they have 24/7 customer support. That’s advertising. The only way to truly find out if that particular webhost is good, is by reading comments from their existing and previous customers.