5 Simple Tips To Get Repeat Web Traffic

1. Update the pages on your website frequently. Visitors and Search Engine Crawlers will drop your site if updates are not regularly done.

2. Offer additional value on your website. Tips and Tricks for your peers.

3. You can allow customers to ‘opt in’ to get daily updates via RSS or by using FEEDBURNER

4. Add a link to your primary page with a script ‘Book Mark or Add this site to your Favorites’.

5. Add a link ‘Recommend this site to a Friend’ so that the visitor can email your website link, with a prewritten title, “Thought you might be interested in this”, just by clicking on it.

  • Great post, tho I shoudl say feed burner does not send you much (if any) traffic, unless you offer partial feeds, otherwise, visitors have no reason to come back.

  • feedburners purpose is to track the visitors or what they call subscribers and of course they deliver email updates… blog is better crawled if you have a feedburner// i dont have a scientific study that can support that though