Why do you need to remove Blogroll?

blogroll link pageDont get me wrong, Im not saying that you have to totally remove blogroll on your blog but instead you may want to create a separate page that will serve as a link page where your favorite links will appear.

By implementing a separate blogroll page, you can maximize your page content, page loading will become faster and it will provide you almost unlimited space for your links.

I recommend each and everyone to use this new plugin called Blogroll Page which lets you publish your blogroll on an individual page or post with the links being populated from the built-in WordPress blogroll.

You can view a demo on this links page.

Download: Blogroll Page

  • i did separate my blogroll a long time ago, kasi alam ko na darating ang araw na hahaba ito at hahaba talaga. and it will afftect loading time.

  • thats great eric… maximize your space and exchange links with your friends…. enjoy blogging…

  • I dont get it. When you say ‘maximize your page contents’ do you mean that by removing blogrolls you create more ‘screen real estate’ to have more page contents ?

    And how does it makes your pages load faster. Because on the flip side you have most recent comments and top commentator who take more cpu then blogroll ?

  • @ WordPress Advice – removing blogroll on the navigation of your blog gives you more space for some other features or “advertisers” if your lucky.

    When your site becomes more popular… links in your blogroll will increase… When you have more than 50 links in your blogroll, will you expect the page to load the same as before?

  • The meta section of a WordPress-powered blog has not much of a use, too.

  • 50 sites in blogroll is a bit too much , but I got it.

    I however disagree with you on the second point. What ever you replace that space will consume that added advantage of replacing the blogroll, unless it is way less number of bytes , the bandwidth advantage [an therefore faster page loads] can not be gained at the user’s end. Faster page load is also a function of cpu usage. In general it will vary from what you replace your blogroll with, but that goes true with anything else on your blog.

    In this discussion, I am trying to weigh out the alternatives.

  • @ WordPress Advice: I got your point, maybe some things may not work for everyone but i appreciate this conversation.. Keep on visiting this blog:)

  • Its a nice idea for those having large number of blogroll links. I have seen many sites with almost 100 of blogroll links, and its making the blog look ugly, slow and of course NON SEO.