Why do you need to start Blogging?

why do you need to start bloggingYou may never heard of blogs, maybe even read a few, but haven’t considered blogging yourself. A weblog is a journal or diary displayed in reverse chronological order unlike paper diaries.

Blogging has become a phenomenon. It gives an individual the ability to easily connect to mass audiences like the mainstream media. Due to a lot of available blogging platform, blogging becomes a seamless media tool for everyone.

These are the reasons why you need to start blogging.

1. Blogs are easy to create. No website programming required. Blogging platforms like Blogger.com allows you to register and start your own blog for free. All you need is an email  and you’re good to go.

2. Blogs provides you your own marketing porfolio that goes to your targeted prospects. Blogs are now being used as a vehicle to target your niche market. Since blog updates are realtime, deliveries are also right at the dot…. no printing press…. no logistics required.

3. Blogs are forever. Once a post was published, it will stay online forever (unless you decided to go offline and delete or cancel your blog).

4. Blogs are your ultimate marketing tool. Using blog can help you generate traffic from people who are specifically searching for your content and ideas that you have on your blog.

5. Blogs are your mobile publishing tool. Authoring a blog only requires an internet enabled PC in order for you to post an update or entry. Post anywhere, anytime you feel the urge!.

6. Establish your own contacts, readers (or Fans?). If you maintained your blog up-to-date and your readers find your articles useful, you will develop readership which measures your *blog stardom….

*Blog Stardom is being measured by counting your Technoratiy rank, Google Pagerank and of course the number of your RSS subscribers.

7. Making the most out of blogging. You will not be consuming most of your time blogging just for nothing, Thats Clear!. There are many ways for you to earn income through your blog. Maximize your pottential.. Earn Money!

Once you start receiving checks for your online commissions and earnings, you will start to be more eager and will focus more on ideas that you will be implimenting in your blog. So what are you waiting for, start blogging!