PhotoWP WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme specifically designed for a PhotoBlog. A neat and simple format with a dark gray backgrould… I highly Recommend this theme for photo bloggers.



Download PhotoWP v0.1


When you post a photo, remember to follow this format:

  1. If you’re using the rich visual editor, click on the “Code” tab on the top, and enclose your photo’s URL in an image tag, like so: <img src=”photo.jpg” alt=”photo” />
  2. If you want to get the full experience of PhotoWP, you need to add meta information. Below the content field on the Create New Post page in WordPress’ dashboard, open the Custom Fields box.
  3. Create the following key/values:
      date – The date you took your photo.
      flickr – Optional. The link to your photo on Flickr.
      description – A description of the photo.
      camera – Camera, aperture, exposure, ISO speed, focal length, etc.
  4. The next time you post, these keys will be available in a drop-down menu, so you won’t have to remember them.

To set up an archive page, create a new page with the title “Archives” and with no content. To the right, open the “page template” box and select the archives template. Open the “post slug” box and set it to ‘archives’ if it is not already.

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