Search Results for Paradise Philippines keyword ranking contest

A couple of days back, I posted sites who ranked high on Google using the keyword “Paradise Philippines“. I decided to change the title of Philippines Travel Blog to Paradise Philippines – Discover the Philippines 7,107 Paradise Islands  just to get the feel of it. Surprisingly, After a couple of days I was shocked to see some of my blog pages on top 100 search results:

Google Search Results – ranked 34th ranked 19th – ranked 96th

MSN Search Results  ranked 15th ranked 26th ranked 36th ranked 59th

Yahoo Search Results ranked 6th ranked 60th ranked 65th

Till now I’ve been receiving a couple of emails from friends who happened to be in SEO industry congratulating me for gaining good position and to tell you honestly I dont really know if those are complements since my blogs dont belong to the top 10 searches for all three search engines. Just to make it straight, Im not  joining this Bayanihan SEO contest for two reasons:

  1. I dont have time for cross linking
  2. I have a lot of pending assignments (writing / photography) to finish.

I just want to tryout optimizing and I will eventually revert back my blog title to Philippines Travel Blog.

So the question now is How can the current participants / entries benefit from my blog?

  • Post comments to my blogs here and here (I have activated Do Follow plugin on both blogs)
  • Share your travel articles and photos in Philippines Travel Blog (I’ll give you a chance of adding a maximum of three back links on each of your posted article.
  • Link Exchange? (email me @ melovillareal[at]