Google: goodbye John Chow, welcome John COW

I stumbled upon  and found a comic John Chow copycat who claims that he will help us “Make Mooney” online. Of all the copycat blogs available online, I must say John Cow’s site content is a barrel of fun.

  • He’s certainly taking the blogosphere by storm.

    I think its possible for anyone to accomplish this as long as the content is as funny as John Cows ;)

  • John Cow’s site is a great parody of John Chow and it benefits both of them because John Chow gets exposure (there is no such thing as bad publicity) and John Cow gets something to right about. Another good parody blog is bootmoney who is a copy of shoemoney.

  • Ben

    Haha I had a good laugh. Especially when I read John Chow quite religiously :)