What to Blog On?

If you are already a blogger or a newbie and youre having a difficult time deciding what to blog about, take time to read on. First thing first, You have to identify the reason why you want to Blog. Ask yourself! Why do you want to Blog?

Here are some of the reasons why everyone loves to Blog:

Social Networking (not SocialClimbing LOL!)
To become Popular (Try Showbiz!)
To practice writing (a/b/c/d LOL)
To express opinion / views (Makibaka!)
Kill nothing but Time (out of boredom)
To share your Expertice (Why NOt?)
To Earn Money (Yeah! collect and earn mad papers)

Each blogger have a different opinion, views and perspective over a certain topic. Blogging helps other people understand, relate and react on issues that may or may not affect them. Blogs can be Personal or Topical. Personal Blogs talks about your daily diary while Topical Blogs on the other hand is a blog that expresses opinions and ideas about a specific topic or subject.

Personal Blogs often tells about your hopes, dreams, struggle, survival or desires which makes people and fellow bloggers constantly visit your blog (eg: Manilenya : Pinay Blog Idol). Each day or once a week you can update your blog about things that you did and your detailed experinces.

Topical Blogs targets provides specific topics or genre, You can post reviews, opinion and reactions for a specific topic (eg: Justwandering.org  – blogs more on travel.)

Whatever you have in mind, dont forget to be responsible on what you post. Readers will judge you based on what they read and how you wrote it. Make your blog interesting, entertaining and useful. Readers are basically your target, Satisfy them! Enjoy Blogging!