Thursday Thirteen # 01

Thirteen Things that i need to do before next thursday August 2, 2007 
1. I’ll post my Pamuktan Island Photo in my Photo Blog2. Post article about Link building Strategy for your SEO campaign.

3. Update Jessica Zafra’s blog theme.

4. Register a new domain for my newest blog about World Tourism News

5. Moderate new posts / contributions in Paradise Philippines Travel Blog

6. Add link parners in my blogroll

7. Announce the “Win Twisted Travel Book (Jessica Zafra’s newest Book)”  for chosen travel article post in Paradise Philippines Travel Blog. If you want to join! post your article now! 20 books will be given away!

8. Meet with ABS-CBN journalist…. She contacted me to maintain and create a blog for her… Who is She? Secret………

9. Street Walk in Binondo… miss ko na hopia

10. Find more homebased jobs online.

11. Arrange my Photos in CD’s ( I already have 420 CD’s and most of them are travel photos, food and personalities)

12. Follow up Link Exchange Request and approve new requests.

13. Write series of tips on how and where to go in Divisoria.

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