Link Building Strategy for your SEO campaign.

link building stategyCan you imagine having a quality website without any traffic? There’s no substitute for good content, that’s a fact. Your content is what your visitors looking for but again your content is useless if its not visible on major search engines.

Having perfect keyword density and meta tags in your site is not enough if nobody links to your website. You need to start planning ahead to manage your link building campaign. Build more quality contents! It can effortlessly encourags other sites to link to yours.

What is Link Building?

Link building is an Search Engine Optimization technique where a website owner attempts to build revelant, quality inbound links to their website with the intentions of increasing the website importance, and by this increasing ranking in the Search Engines. Link building is not just about online marketing and boosting your Google Pagerank, Alexa ranking and Technorati rank.

 Basic Link Building Strategy:

  • Use your keywords in your links  – For example:   Good link: Earn Money Online – offers tips, reviews and recommendations on how to earn money online. 
  • Avoid Free for All (FFA) Links Pages & Link Farms – Listing on these sites may cause you to be penalized in the search engines.
  • Link only to sites that are complimentary to yours. Check your favorite search engine to see who comes out on top for the keywords you are targeting. Check their link partners and contact them for possible link exchange.
  • Find Blogs that enabled DoFollow plugin You can offer link exchange to them or you can post comments to their posts and it will be counted as a valid backlink for your site.
  • Write quality tips in the area of your expertise and submit it to Free Article Directories.  – At the bottom of each tip, include two lines about you and/or your products, and a link to your website.
  • Directory submissions – Submit your website to Web Directories link DMOZ and Yahoo! Your site can easilly be crawled by search engine spiders one listed in large web directories.
  • Deep Linking from your own web pages – This is an excellent way if you have many relevant pages in the same niche.
  • Write testimonials and reviews – Write and send a testimonial to your favorite product, website or recommended services. Most of the time, they publish it at their site and if you are lucky they link to you as well. Eg. Cash For Comments made a review about this blog.
  • Join Social Media Sites – Members with the same interest and web content may contact you for a posible link exchange. eg: Facebook, Friendster etc.
  • Maximize you commenters – Exchange links with your blogs comment posters

Im sure there are several link building stategies that I dont know yet. How about you? Can you share you link building strategy?

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  • Thanks. for the reference. Hey man. I have a new innovation. The Jet Train Contest. It’s going to change the way we look at viral trains. Check it out.

  • @ Cash for Comments – thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely check that new innovation of yours.

  • Vic

    For a new Blog Viral Tags give you quick links.


  • Great tips!

    And I agree with Vic… Viral Linking is a great way to build a massive amount of backlinks in a short amount of time.

  • @bryan – thanks for dropping by

  • Who came first “hen” or “egg”? When you start a new website your pagerank is zero. Writing meaty content is important to increase your pagerank, but one of the main factors is to get incoming links. Getting incoming links when your pagerank is zero is not an easy task. Other websites will not link to you unless you have a good ranking. How to break this circle? I hope your Link Building Strategy can contribute to break it.

  • @Kersson – I agree with you…. thanks for the visit

  • m07

    nice post.i was looking fro suchb an post.worked well.

  • Nice edition indeed. As i am also in same profession, i just want to add one addition to get link building process is Content base link. Which means send content get link for your site. which help you to get quality one way link for your site also.otherwise all mentioned process are seems to be ok. What you think!