30 Day Challenge to Earn Money Online: Deal or No Deal?

30 day challenge 2007 

I stumbled upon Alfa Mercado’s Blog and found this interesting challenge. If you want to start learning on how to earn money online and you are dreaming of leaving the corporate jungle… do checkout this site cool webite and watch the video >>>  www.thirtydaychallenge.com.

This year’s challenge starts on August 1st, but sign up now by providing your first name and email address in the website above and give it a try.


In a nutshell… The Thirty Day Challenge is about making your first $10 online. For a full 30 days we are going to be showing you exactly how to start your own Internet business and generate your first income online without spending a dime.
That’s right, this is going to cost zip, diddly, nothing, nada, ziltch. The entire training program is free, and you won’t have to spend a thing to get your business started and begin making money. No credit card required.

  • I joined already! i wish i earn money… sory for my bad english… thank you for sharing to everyone

  • @ yuki – not bad at all:) yup theres no harm in trying…. who knows you are the next internet millionare:)

  • I wish there’d be a free course on how to really earn at least $10 per minute.. :-D

  • @ Alfa – Yup! I wish, Ill give up everything in case… (LOL)

  • Pretty encouraging stuff. I’d signed up already, now I just have to get motivated and organized.

  • @ Chamonix – Goodluck