Thursday Thirteen # 02

Thirteen Blog Marketing Tips
1. Blogging for Beginners by Problogger

2. 7 Ways to Optimize Your Blog by Folksonomy

3. What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content by Lorelle on WordPress

4. 5 ways to building a better blog by Pronet Advertising

5. 25 tips for marketing your blog by The Online marketing Blog

6. How a Best Posts Page Will Increase Your Blog Subscribers by Stuntdubl

7. The 5 deadly sins of blogging by Pronet Advertising

8. 21 Surefire Tips for a Successful Blog Launch

9. The RSS button maker by The Online marketing Blog

10. Adding Social Bookmarking Icons to News Feeds by SEO Egghead

11. MyBlogLogging by Pronet Advertising

12. Essential SEO-Related Plugins for WordPress by SEO Egghead

13. 5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post With a Bang by Copyblogger

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