5 Ways to Earn More From Text Link Ads

Text-Link-Ads.com is fast becoming one of the best programs to use to earn from blogs. Text Link Ads is the newest and one of the big players in the text link online advertising industry today. On an advertisers point of view, Text Link Ads is probably considered as a more expensive medium. However there is an advantage of using Text Link Ads since advertisers can expect a more powerful and high quality static links. Based on experience, selling links on Text Link Ads is almost effortless. Relax, think of a good article and check your Publishers account for new link being purchased by advertisers.

Find out how to earn more using Text-Link-Ads using a just few simple steps:

Raise your stats.
Your site will be battling it out with thousands of other sites so you’ll have to show your advertisers that you are the right site to do business with. Using Pagerank and Alexa, learn how you can increase your numbers, expand your readership and attract quality traffic which can make use of the TLAs that appear on your website.

Optimize your upperfold.
The upperfold of your blog (that precious real estate that first appears on the monitor before your reader scrolls down) is an excellent site for your best campaigns, codes, keywords, ads and images. All your text link ad banners and ad placements should be found in this area and should be seen prominently by your visitors, especially if they include a call to action.

Link up with other sites.
If you have the traffic and are enjoying increasing popularity on the web, you should have the kind of site that advertisers and other sites would want to link up with. Look for sites with related content or have topics that are also discussed on your site and ask them if they would like to buy a TLA spot from you. This will make your association with one another mutually beneficial.

Ask for a raise.
If you’ve been enjoying brisk business on a regular basis for some time and you foresee that your earnings will either be sustained or might even increase, you can ask the TLA people to increase your rates per link. Just make sure your negotiations are done at the right time and circumstance.

Stand out.
Bottomline: you have to be unique. Use a title or label that is easy to remember and that will stand out from other blogs or sites in the Text Link Ads market. Name recall is important and so is identity, so make sure you are easily recognizable.

Are you currently running Text Link Ads in your Blog? Will you be the next Text Link Ads successful affiliate? Or will you let a smaller blog to beat in terms of Text-Link-Ads earnings? How about you, Whats your technique to increase you Text-Link-Ads earnings?