Boost Your Site’s Traffic with 3 Top Social Media Sites

Boosting your traffic doesn’t have to be a lonely endeavor.  There are social media sites that exist to help introduce you to an audience just waiting to get to know you. More and more social media networking and social news sites are coming up. Sites like Netscape, Digg, Stumbleupon,etc let user add unlimited number of content and also in turn gives a huge database of content for people who looking for these contents.

On these sites users add the link, post title and short description of the original post which is then linked back to the original source. Though you have unlimited chance of adding your content, you will be only noticed when other users find it valuable and vote for your content. Once you get enough votes or diggs ( then you have fair chance of coming at the top of these sites which will then bring you unlimited traffic.

Here are three of them:

Digg is one of the top favorite social media sites because of its quick response.  If you have a quality article or excellent story on this site, you can expect hundreds or even thousands of visitors clicking on your webpage within 24 hours.  Once you’ve written an article or a story, send it to Digg.  People who read your content will ‘digg’ it (vote for it) if they like what you’ve done.  You can include a Digg button on your blog or site to ensure that your readers can vote for you.

Stumble Upon
Stumble Upon is another social media site that can help boost your site’s traffic.  This site functions like social bookmarking, in that users can ‘tag’ certain sites (including yours) to indicate whether they like it or not.  If they like it, they’ll share it with other users, give it a ‘thumbs up’ or include a link to your webpage on their site.  This will help increase the number of people that your site will be exposed to.

Netscape boosts traffic in much the same way as Digg does – by getting your content judged by internet surfers.  Once you have submitted your story or content to Netscape, people will have access to it and then vote for it.  You’ll find yourself in the Netscape homepage if you receive a minimum of 10 votes within the first 10 minutes your story appears. 

As a webmaster / blogger you write articles, your articles are highly opitmized for search engines but now the question comes how will you promote it to your fellow bloggers? How about you? Are you utilizing Social Media Sites to boost your traffic?

  • naks naman akala ko kung sino yung manila freelancer :)
    oi kapag nagkaroon na ko ng pc e turuan mo akong kumita sa pagbablog ha :) ng may maipangbayad sa uutaning laptop lol!

  • Hi,

    Using social bookmarking sites is especially helpful if you have many blogger/online friends who can help in nudging your well-written bookmarked posts to the frontpage of Digg or just any social bookmark sites you use.

    Facilitating the process of getting your posts bookmarked helps a lot, too, such as using social bookmark widgets on your blog.

    One of my faves is StumbleUpon since my blogs’ niches do not easily please the techie Digg users. Or maybe I’m just not good in writing Digg-able posts. :-(

  • @ melai – sure cge cge…

    @ alfa – stumbleupon is cool.. im enjoying each time i stumble each pages specially using their toolbar

  • My biggest problem is that those sites are mainly used by the web-savvy, the least likeliest to click on ads…

  • I’ve also thought about the Pat’s sentiment re: social bookmarking site users being “ad-blind”.

    The thing is, although one may not get ad clicks from Digg or SU users, the Alexa rank spike (still debatable but still commonly used as a blog appraisal tool) and the backlinks can help greatly in making money using other blog monetization methods such as Text-Link-Ads and direct sponsors.

    Even if it’ll take longer, it still pays to be Stumbled and Dugg. :-D

  • @ Alfa – I agree Stumble Upon and Digg is a tried and tested traffic generating sites..

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  • Hey, I googled Stumble Upon but couldn’t find the one you were talking about. can you just post the URL? same with netscape.


  • its very important to build social network and site referrals since it helps to improve site ranking

  • The problem is I cant get enough votes from all these networking sites to have any decent traffic.

    Here is what I googled and found the url at the top spot.,GGIC:2006-36,GGIC:en&q=Stumble+Upon

    I hope you find it.

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  • Hi
    spending hours everyday in social networking sites is very useful techniques for our sites but not waste of time, because many users are using popular tags to find lots of things and you can also get good back links.

    you can get very good results just you need to proper steps in squidoo, digg, stumbleupon etc..

    squidoo is also the best site to create lances and pay per click adverts for our products.


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  • No doubt social bookmarking sites can bring lot of traffic, but how to get more people to bookmark the sites besides creating quality article? any tips?