Shoot It: 3 Simple Ways You Can Make Money Online From Your Photos

make money online from photography

No matter what stage you are at or what experience in Photography you have, if you can take a half decent photograph, you are on the way to making money with your camera.  If you are blessed with a photographer’s eye or have the rights to knockout photographs and images that people will appreciate and pay for, why not make money online from these photos?

It may take time to get started, but if it was that easy, EVERYONE would do it.

Here are 3 simple ways how:

Sell your photos through stock photo sites.
Stock photo sites function like online art and photo exhibits – they will provide exposure for your photos and sell them for you. Some of these sites include Shutter Stock, Stock Photo, Fotolia and Dreams Time, among others.

Essentially, all you have to do is upload your photos to these sites and once that’s done, you’ll have several ways to make money:

  • through a cut on every image that is downloaded by the site’s client
  • through referrals of fellow photographers 
  • through referrals of stock buyers.

Create your own photoblog.
If you prefer to market your photographs on your own, create a photoblog and sell your images through that site. You get free rein on what photos to use, display and sell. Furthermore, you can even provide copy, such as labels, titles, brief descriptions, even short backgrounders on the photos. With your own photoblog, you have several ways of making money online from your photos:

  • by selling advertising space
  • by selling them from your site
  • by taking commissions for referring your visitors to sites that sell photographic supplies
  • by selling your content to other sites

Use the direct selling method.
Why not create a site that is unabashedly your very own photo exhibit?

You not only get to decide on how to display your photographs, you also get to earn all the money from the online sales. No more measly commission-based deals or cuts from third party sellers. Simply create your own site, get your own Paypal account or set up your own merchant account to accept credit card payments and market your photos.

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Do you love to take photos? Do you carry your camera everywhere? Are you a gifted amateur and you want to start earning money? Is there any way that you could turn your passion for photography into a professional business opportunity?

  • TampaShoot

    I never thought i could earn extra cash when i started uploading my photos in Photo Banks.. at first i earn 4usd on my first months but now im earning an average of 500 per month by just uploading photos of all sorts…. your tips are helpful for begginers.. thanks

  • Tom Paine

    “Hi, This is a good post. Thanks.”

  • @ Tampashoot : good job maybe you can share us some tips:)

    @ Tom Paine : thanks for the kind words

  • I have thousands of photos, but most stock agencies that are Right’s Managed have such strict criteria for submission, that probably none of my images could make it into their index.

    Most stock agencies want generic, and non-art.

    I don’t do either, I do exciting and art….so I choose to not bother with licensing my work through stock agencies.

  • There are so many stock agencies out there … from Getty to iStockPhoto ( who Getty owns ), and what they’re looking for is pretty varied. There really is a market for every taste and/or niche.

    I’ve gone and created a photo blog, although I haven’t tried to monetize it per se. I do some portrait work … obviously this is for locals only. But the blog brings name recognition, which down the line will help in many ways.

    Plus, it’s FUN!

  • And if you’re using an SLR, people still tend to assume you’re a professional by default … so it pays to carry around business cards or photographic leave-behinds.

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  • If you come over professional with a decent camera and kit, and website you could convince people you are professional

  • I think the picture at the top is pretty dang good, did you take it?

    I also agree that it helps if you have an eye for certain opportunities. Always gotta have your camera with you.

  • Thanks for the ideas. All I need now is a decent camera and some spare time to take some shots.