Organize Your Freelancing Business! 3 Easy to Use Project Management Software You Can Use

project management for writers and freelancersAre you a freelancer looking for project management software to help you with your business or just to assist you in making your life more organized? 

Many organized writers keep folders on the personal computer or if not, they always bring a USB which is a simple and handy way to store your articles. If you prefer to manage your files online, Here are 3 project management software that can be excellent tools to simplify your freelance job:

BaseCamp is an excellent software for freelancers to use online. It has several features that freelancers will find indispensable, including an online ‘To Do’ list, a writeboard where you can collaborate with other people on a document and a Milestones feature, where BaseCamp will track your progress on your project and alert you if a deadline is forthcoming.

BaseCamp allows you to use the software for free for one project. Succeeding projects will be charged, starting at $12.95 for a set of 3 projects. No need to sign any contract with a lock-in period. You can upgrade, downgrade or even cancel your BaseCamp account any time without paying a fee.

Zoho Writer is a word processor that allows you to create documents easily and share them with other writers. No need to download any software because you do everything online. With Zoho you can create, edit, save, organize and publish your documents, import and export them and even post them directly onto your blogs. Zoho also lets you view your document’s revision history, allowing you to compare the different versions.

To use Zoho, ensure that your computer supports IE, Firefox, Mozilla or Netscape and that your browser can run JavaScript. Then, simply open an account and begin writing.

Time Stamp
With Time Stamp, you no longer have to worry about how to keep track of your billing and other tasks on your calendar, something that can be quite a challenge if you’re a freelancer. Time Stamp is a software that lets you perform effective time management to let you organize your tasks.

Depending on the vendor, a fully-featured trial version of Time Stamp can be used for 30 days, after which you will have to pay for the software package if you want to continue using it.

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Are you always searching for your articles? Are you having a problem with your time management? Do you have a way of organizing your business that you want to share with us?

  • Maban

    Take a look at It does comprehensive project management, time sheets, collaboration (documents, calendar, discussion forums) and workflow. Their workflow component is pretty interesting. it’s an advanced application to track things like issues, bugs, risks, etc. Give it a go!

  • @ Maban – what a great tip.. thanks for sharing it to us..