4 Quick Tips on Creative Article Writing

tips on creative writingThere are thousands of articles online with almost the same topic. Everyone talks about blogging, earning money online, work at home tips, search engine marketing and home based jobs. How will you convince your reader to read your article from start to finish? Get into the habit of creative writing and make a difference. If you develop the habit of writing, you’ll find it easy to create a blog post and your readership will grow.

1) Carry a notebook everywhere you go: There will be times that ideas will just pop-up, make sure to write it down. Once you are in the mood for writing, your notes will help you think what to write about.

2) Create the right atmosphere: An ideal writing environment for me might be different for you. If you are getting a good mood for writing while listening to a Reggae Music. Go ahead! It’s your Day!

Some people like to sip a cup of coffee to get their creative juices flowing, others simply go to a quiet place to have a more relaxing atmosphere.

3) Stay relaxed and avoid stress: Avoid the blogging block. Follow your plan accordingly, if something is causing you to feel stressed, deal with that before trying to write articles. Once everything is clear, start writing and everything will turn out fine.

4) Make an inspiring work space: Writing in your ideal place and ideal location will help you write effectively. Arrange your workspace before you start on your scheduled task, make sure everything will be in order to avoid any interruption.

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  • Well you do have some great tips here that everyone should be taking a look at, there’s only one thing I disagree about your post.

    At the beginning you said that there’s a lot of articles about the same topic, that’s true but that doesn’t make it unworthy to write about.

    It you look at most of the articles for e.g. about making money online they’re all the same just because they’re all RSS imports from other blogs.

    Yes there are a lot of sites about making money online, that’s because there’s a demand for such info and although I think there are millions of sites about such topics. I still feel a scarcity in the quality of the articles because most of the people aren’t really trying to teach other people. They’re learning themselves but trying to make some money themselves.

    I’m in the process of setting up a site about such topics, no get-rich-quick schemes legit ways how to create you’r real business online.

    If you feel like checking it out, and maybe reviewing it in you’re blog once its finished (it will be done next week) that would be great.


  • I think probably the best advice you can take away from this is the bit about carrying a notebook around with you wherever you go. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come up with what I thought was a great idea, and then promptly forgotten it without having recorded it. Atmosphere is also important, but I’ve found that I can’t plan too much for my great ideas- they come when I try to force it, I find that I just get frustrated. Thanks for the advice!

  • Daisy D. Auxtero

    Your tips are really helpful especially the 1st one. I’ve been trying to write a story but it’s taking me quite a long time to finish it. A good idea usually occurs to me when I’m not at home and just having a leisurely walk in town, and naturaly, that idea had already faded in my head by the time I reach home. So now, a notebook and a pen will be my best buddies whenever I leave home.

  • @ Daisy: thanks for the kind words

  • Business Letter Format

    Thanks for these great tips. I’m a newbie blogger and I find it really hard to focus at times. Maybe because I’m in a loud workroom full of people discussing about stuff all the time. I usually just go to the breakroom and take my laptop with me and sip my jamba juice. Keeping a notepad is a good idea that I haven’t been utilizing, I come up with great ideas all the time when I am hanging out with my friends. Well thanks again Melo for the tips buddy!