Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Ranking at the SEO Stakes

increase seo rankings improve seoIf you’re a blog newbie, getting started at WordPress is easy, but you probably won’t even consider touching the plugins section with a ten foot pole. The problem is, you need to. But don’t worry, plugins don’t bite.

Plugins are actually just simple programs you can “plug” into another application to provide new or better features and functions. They’re for free and they can help your WordPress blog fare better at SEO stakes.

Here are the top 5 WordPress plugins that can drive droves of traffic to your blog:

Subscribe to Comments – This plugin is beneficial for you and your readers. By placing a checkbox next to the comment form, this plugin gives your readers an option to receive email notices whenever comments are added to a specific post. Subscribe to comments keep your readers informed and your blog regularly visited!

Related Posts – It’s not fate but necessity that makes a visitor land on your page. And this plugin is used to turn visitors into regular readers. Related Posts is a helpful program for visitors, enabling them to know immediately about other posts you’ve written about the topic they’re interested in.

Ultimate Tag Warrior – Tags are what help your posts and consequently your blog inch higher in SEO rankings. This plugin makes sure you’re noticed by search engine spiders and Technorati…the right way!

Tell-a-Friend – This plugin works just the way it says it does. Again, it’s good for you and your readers. With Tell-a-Friend, readers can easily share preferred posts with their friends, which you, of course, completely appreciate!

Sociable – Take advantage of the networking provided by social bookmarking websites like Digg and with this plug-in!

And there you have it. Of course, if you want to use more plug-ins, feel free to do so!

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Its your turn to talk! Are you using these wordpress plugins? Do you use something else that you want to share?

  • Have you had much success with the “tell a friend” plugin? I was thinking about adding it, but decided to hold off for now.

  • Great list you’ve put together there. I keep seeing the related posts plugin all over the place and I think it is something I will be adding soon. As for the tags, I use a Technorati tag plugin and it works great and generates quite a bit of traffic.

  • @ shaun carter; hope you can add those plugin to your blog soon

  • Thanks for the tip. I always thought subscribe to comments was a theme feature, I didn’t realize it was a plugin. I’ll be grabbing this one tomorrow.

  • I think sociable is a good plugin. Imo anyways, social bookmarks are great to add new incoming ppl.

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