3 Referral Programs You Can Use to Make Money from Your Friends Legally

Would you like to make money from your friends? You can do it legally and your friends won’t hate you for it. Using trusted referral programs, you can earn online from the network of friends and acquaintances you already have. Here are 3 easy-to-use ways:

Google Pack with Firefox toolbar
Firefox from Mozilla is an alternative web browser to the much-used Windows IE. Google Pack with Firefox is one of the four products Google has developed for their numerous publishers aside from the popular Adsense and Adwords. You can earn money through Google pack and Firefox by referring your readers to these services.

If you refer one of your readers to Firefox, for example, and they download and install this browser, you receive a certain commission, which is about $1. If they download and install Google Pack, you get paid $2. The more friends you refer, the more money you make legally.

Dreamhost is a hosting service that offers affordable fees in exchange for good bandwidth and fat storage. If you subscribe to their service, you can also use many of their services and features, including their blogs and newsletters. They also provide SFTP, SSL and SSH encrypted POP3 and SMTP, allowing you to encrypt your most sensitive information.

If you refer one of your visitors to Dreamhost, you’ll get paid a certain percentage from the fee he will pay for a hosting plan, which varies. If that visitor refers another to Dreamhost, you also get paid for it. Essentially, as long as the referrals never stop, you continue to earn money.

Amazon products
Amazon has a variety of products, although their best known are books and magazines. If you become an affiliate with the Amazon referral program, you can make money legally by simply referring your friends to purchase any of Amazon’s products.

Simply apply for an account as an Amazon affiliate to the program and paste a link to Amazon on your site. If anyone who clicks on that link performs an action, especially a purchase, you will get paid a commission for your referral.