Freelancer Survival Tip: Top 5 Non-Technical Skills You Oughta Know

freelance work earn dollarsAre you tired of a nine-to-five job and you want get out of it? Maybe you can’t give it up now due to financial concerns or current obligations. If you decide to do freelancing, you need to look for a job that can give you more flexible working hours. If you’re planing to to do freelancing or are already an experienced freelancer wanting to improve your craft, there are certain non-technical skills you can benefit from. Here are 5 of them:

E-mail communication
E-mail made communication that much faster and turned freelancers’ lives a lot easier. However, having a faster way to get in touch doesn’t mean you should forget your letter writing skills. To communicate effectively via e-mail, you must learn how to write effective notes and letters, whether you’re doing them to say hello, introduce your company, market your products, persuade people to click on your link or even to answer complaints.

Online interviewing
Just because you’re interviewing someone through online instant messaging tools such as IM and Skype doesn’t mean you could use informal, abbreviated or slang terms. If the interview is a formal transaction, use appropriate words, correct grammar and proper spelling. If you’ll be using a webcam, dress appropriately, at least from the waist up. Treat an online interview like you would a personal interview.

Search engine research skills
Freelancers often use search engines during research, that is why it’s important that you know how to use them to your advantage. Find out how to use keywords, Boolean operators and how specific search sites work best.

Online marketing through blogs
A blog can be a very powerful tool for freelancers, especially when you’re doing marketing. Learn the best ways to use blogs to introduce or promote your products or services and how to persuade your audience to do business with you.

Expand your freelancing business’ reach with podcasting, your version of the radio online. If you have settled on your own niche and format and have all the necessary equipment, you can use podcasting to help you create your own audio content to post on your site or a web server. Getting published this way can help you reach a wider audience.

Do Freelancers in the Philippines and the rest of the world really survive? Whats your take?

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    i’m a freelance designer. it may sound like fun, no 9-5, work whenever you want…truth is..your phone rings 24 hours when your boss needs you to ammend the colours, change to logo, tweak the website…. in a way, your working hours are from the time you wake up till the time you finally go to sleep… so, freelance?

  • Man, you’re freaking me out. Sure bout that? Now i have to think twice before i start freelancing. I’m a graphic designer by profession and we connect there bro! I understand the repetitive changes you have to do for each and every piece of artwork, where in the end, you don’t recognize your work anymore!

  • hehee.. so maybe another point to add is time management…. turning off your cellphone after 9pm :D

  • Those are good tips. I think they are the basics especially for those planning to get into freelance. Possess this non-technical skills, I think you’ll have a lot of chance in the freelance world.

  • nice article melo! :)

  • I’m a freelancer now and I really thanks for your tips here for being a better freelancer. I had met some failures before. So from now on I will try to use your tips to be a successful freelancer. Thanks!

  • well done….what a good article. this is the first step for me to step into the freelance field..haha..thx alots.

  • im learning, im learning, im trying to observe as mush as i can from the article so that i know how to or what should i do if im a freelancer in future.

  • I strongly agree with point number #4, blog is a very strong marketing skill!

  • if the person has the talent then writing and design are the best options to make some extra cash on the web with freelance projects:)

  • I don’t necessarily agree that podcasting is a *requirement* for things you oughta know. I’m sure there is something else that is more suited for that position.

  • journalist

    i have not found serious biddetrs for my work, though they say writers are in demand.