How to Maximize Use of the John Chow Effect and Say You Spent Your $400 Smartly

The blogosphere is still divided: some bloggers are in favor of paying to be reviewed at John Chow’s website while others say it’s a waste of money. But we’re not going to talk about that here.

Instead, we’ll give you tips on how to make money from your $400 investment when you do choose to pay for a review from John Chow.

Tip #1 Provide good content.

The moment you get reviewed by John Chow, and especially if it’s a mostly positive review, you can fully expect a monumental surge in traffic to your website. With that, John Chow has done his job: he let the whole world know about your blog.

In your part, you need to give these visitors a reason to stay. The best way to do that is by providing good content.

Tip #2 Build your reader list.

When traffic from John Chow comes in, another way of convincing them to stay is to show that you already had loyal readers even before the great John Chow came along. People are more inclined to like a diamond blog on the rough than a fake diamond temporarily admired by a jewelry connoisseur.

Tip #3 Timing is very important.

Send $400 to John Chow’s pockets only when you have successfully achieved Tips #1 and 2. It’s all or nothing.

You need to understand that the John Chow Effect is not promising you long-term traffic. But even so, it is still an excellent money-making opportunity that you can take advantage of – if you really have a good blog to start with.

Work hard first on getting your blog loyal readers with the usual SEO techniques. Polish your content. Only and only after you’ve strengthened your blog’s readership base should you ask John Chow to review your site and be able to reap the rewards.

Alvin Phang of Gather Success shares about his -US$400 ROI Review with John Chow…. How about you? Are you spending your USD400.00 for a John Chow Review?