4 Effective Ways to Find Link Exchange Partners

Link Exchange is an integral part of everyones online marketing campaign. Finding websites to link with can be a time consuming task for an SEO newbie. Here are a few proven methods for finding websites to exchange links with.

1: Make use of Search Engine Keywords

Using Google or Yahoo, perform the following searches, replacing “keyword” with a keyword related to your site.

work at home
home business
affiliate program
earn money online
make money online
search engine optimization

2: Find out who’s linking to your competitor’s.

Check out who’s linking with your competitors and link with them as well.

3: Submit your site link directories

Find sites that relate to your site that have link exchange directories. Make sure to choose the apropriate category before you submit your site.

4: Link exchange Networks

There are several excellent link exchange websites that provides link directory and automatic link exchange program. You also have an option of upgrading your account if your want your link exchange to be automated “no more copy and paste” just click accept or deny and link exchange is done.

Submit your Blog or Website in Philippine Web Directory

  • Pre.. do you have a good list of link exchange websites

  • a good number of web directory can be downloaded in Excel file here


  • wow.. that is fast. thanks!

  • Thanks for the good info.

  • i have used this technique before, can be very effective for certain keywords

  • I have been experimenting with these ideas for quite some time now, they are good ideas.

  • thanks for the information. awesome post. *bookmarked!

  • With Google penalizing Web Directories is it advisable to submit to them?

  • Well, penalizing is not really that often. If you don’t want to use your own judgment in which directories to post links or not, just take a list from someone who already did that for himself. There are plenty of directory lists around.

  • Yes it’s not that often and the real loser is the directory itself which looses the rank. Hope someone doesn’t give Google idea about Negative PRs.