Meme Etiquette for Link Building

In the blogosphere and maybe the Internet in general, the word “meme” has a different meaning from what Richard Dawkins originally created it for in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene. For online users, meme refers to any idea, question, or topic posted in one blog and resulting to similar posts in other blogs while link exchange transpires between them.

Link exchange occurs mostly by tagging.

For example: Mr. A owns an Internet marketing blog and posts a question about online ethics. He then tags Mr. B, C, D, and E. All four posts the same question and gives their respective two cents on their blogs. At the end of the post, they link back to the source of the meme, Mr. A, as well as the links leading to the other people they’ve tagged.

With memes, there’s enough link love for everyone but its not always guaranteed.

Things to Remember When Creating Memes:

It must be directly related to the theme of your blog or website. If its an indirect relation, make sure that it’s essential or at least entertaining.

Its content must be new in at least one aspect. Online ethics is old news, but you could take a different perspective and generate interest in it again.

Use meme trackers to see if there are other similar memes out in the web and how they’re faring.

Lastly, give the people you tag a helpful nudge or two. If the meme you’ve created is highly sensitive or complicated to answer, leave clues for your fellow bloggers to know how to approach the topic safely. The important thing is to ensure that they tag back to you.

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  • good points to remember.

    although highly unlikely, do make sure that they haven’t changed the links as it get passed to the 100th blogger.

    used appropriately, quite useful as a networking tool for fellow bloggers.

  • Enterprise Feedback Management

    While I have actively participated in the above described activity, I had no idea it was called meme. I will no longer appear ignorant to my fellow bloggers.

  • this is a very useful networking tool.
    thanks for sharing.

  • I definitely love using memes they work well!

  • I have had some experience with contributing to memes and have had generally great results as far as increasing site traffic. I’d definitely recommend getting involved as you can also find some unique blogs that you wouldn’t have come across otherwise. Great post!

  • Ha! Since I’m new to blogging, I was always kinda confused about what a “meme” was! Now I know…! :)

  • Dee

    I love your posts. I had no idea what memes were.
    you have explained it very clearly. Link building is a dificult job. I think the dofollowers help tremendous as well. I think each person has a little something to add to the net. Thank you for your wonderful topics and I will continue to read you.

  • This is an interesting strategy for building links. I will have to try it out sometime.