The Meek-Proof Guide to Selling Blogs

For the shy and the timid, here’s something to rejoice about: if your lack of public relation skills is the only thing keeping your business from flourishing, consider relocating your business to another address – a web address to be exact.

In the Internet, you don’t need to speak with your customers in person or even over the phone. All you need to do is create a blog and write about what you know best: your business.

Tips for Making Lucrative Selling Blogs

Choose a design. For business blogs, go for something sleek and simple, with the font styles and links easily readable and distinguishable respectively.

Invest in a domain name. Choose something that directly brings to mind your business. You can either stick with a generic reference to your product ( or your brand name ( It must be short and catchy – enough for visitors to be able to type it from memory.

Learn about search engine optimization. In the Internet, the success of all websites and blogs are dependent on how they fare in search engine rankings. Always strive to have your blog included in the first page results because most online users don’t bother checking out results in succeeding pages.

More specifically, try practicing the following SEO tips and tricks:

Be friendly with fellow bloggers. Surely you could do that now? Remember: they don’t know you and they can’t see you. The more affiliates you have in the Internet, the more ways you can spread your link.

If you’re not good at writing or just can’t find time to write, hire someone to write content for your blog. Remember to use important keywords frequently (but not annoyingly) and continuously provide fresh content.

Build traffic and attract visitors to your website by advertising and promotion. Do guest-blogging. Participate actively in forums.

Then, monetize your blog. Aside from Google AdSense, there’s Text-Link-Ads, AdBrite, Bidvertiser, LinkWorth, etc. And make sure your blog earns well from any of the monetization method you slap it with.

And lastly, always provide excellent customer service. Nothing makes your products sell better than good service! Assist the buyer of your blog with all the transactions you can help him or her on.

  • Also, I like short domains.

    When I picked my first (and main) domain (which is i didn’t realize how long it was.

    Most of the time people like typing in a short domain.

    I wish I realized that when I started.

  • ‘Being friendly’. I like that. Often overlooked in the Digital Age. It’s still just people out there, when all is said and blogged.

  • Very interesting read. Blogging has really taken off, before long it will be something else new.

  • Hey there Melo! Nostalgia Manila dropping by, and this is the first time I’ve seen your blog, great work! Would love to do a link exchange!

    Please get back to me! I’d love to add you to my permanent Link List!

    Looking forward to hear back from you!


  • Good point, for those shy guys, they really could express their selfs more easier without in person contact !!

  • Dang I would love to sell a site someday but right now I am focusing on building them up. Maybe down the road huh.

  • Yes, networking is the most important thing, especially when your blog is fresh. Amount of help you can get from fellow is priceless, at least that is my experience.

  • prank lover, you say networking is helpful? How do you go about networking?

  • Flipping can be very profitable if properly executed. I was into the flipping business a while back, but what I find is that identifying a website with potential and renovate it is far more valuable and profitable (passive income) compared to flipping. My 2 cents.

  • Blogging and web2.0 is a not only a good business practice but beneficial in other ways too. Isn’t the old saying something like ‘he who teaches, learns’. Good comments.