Things you Need to Know When you Work at Home

It wasn’t until recently that people were given the option to work at home. Before this, we were indoctrinated with the idea that we need to get out of our house, go to interviews and start working in a place where the community might not be what we expected.

The internet has provided us with a simple solution to work from home and keep above the floating line, financially speaking. If you have ever considered the solution to work at home, stop second-guessing. Go at it, because you might find it to be rewarding.

Work at home is also called freelancing. Many people have turned to it because it has become a very profitable business. If you have the capabilities required and you are eligible for the job, you could support you family on that income alone, and then some.

First of all, the rates you earn when you work from home are higher than the ones you would have if you worked on the same project in a steady job. Why? Because the employer skips social security, insurance and other similar side costs.

This means that your income will be higher with a work at home job. On the other hand, nothing stops you from collaborating with several employers simultaneously. If you approach several employers, it will increase your income significantly.

When you get a regular day job, you income is fixed and you cannot do anything about it. Sure there are some bonuses every now and then, but it does not even come close to the amount of work you perform. When you work from home, the situation is different.

You income depends solely on your level of dedication and your productiveness. If your ambition gets the best of you, if you are on time and you get things right first hand, also if you work hard, then a work at home job is the best thing for you.

Taking on multiple projects and completing them is something than increases you income. One of the most important benefits of work at home is the rate. Once you know the level of work that needs to be invested in a project, you can establish the price.

However, your prices should not be set in stone. If the person that needs to employ you is having second thoughts about the price, considering lowering it. Also, if you think the price is fair according to the project, you can also consider finding someone else as a collaborator.

Another very important advantage when you work from home is the schedule. Nobody can tell you to get up at six in the morning to start your job. You set your own hours. If you want to get up at noon and start working, or if you want to stay until 3 in the morning to get the job done is entirely up to you.

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About the Author:
Once you have read this article, I hope you have reached an important conclusion: there is no downside when you work from home. Also, if you visit the website mentioned afore, you are sure to find the work at home job that is suited for you.

  • Woah!
    “No downside to working at home” ???
    How about
    i) lack of social interaction?
    ii) Endless procrastination
    iii) lack of teamwork and team feedback
    iv) more cups of tea and procrastination
    v) no set start time
    vi) cups of coffee and procrastination
    vii) no set end time
    viii) green tea (healthier) and procrastination
    ix) merging of work and home life – no boundaries
    x) errr… bit more procrastination

    Much harder discipline, much greater focus required, much more self-monitoring/self-management required.

    But it is definitely better than working for someone else!

  • I like this article cause it reaffirms my belief that I can be a success and work at home..just up to my dedication levels…but the anti-social affect and the sheer will power make it tough at times.

  • Nice motivation to go for extra money. Really appreciate your views

  • Great Idea . It will really solve the financial Problem & one major thing that you will be the boss. You don not need to work any under.

  • While I do agree with most of what was mentioned, there’s something to be said about lowering one’s prices when “…the person that needs to employ you is having second thoughts about the price….”. If you do not want to be at the losing end of a bidding war (and believe me, there are plenty of people out there who are more than willing to replace you for a dime, no matter how good you are), keep your senses about you when the issue of discounting arise.

    If you’re being asked to lower your price, ask yourself: is this something that you really want to do, something that’ll be worth your time, is it something that holds real promise of more opportunities from this client (and not just a one-shot deal)? If your senses tell you that you’ll end up getting paid less than the amount of time you’ll be pouring over it (think opportunity costs), unless you’re really out of cash, better pass it up.

    As the saying goes, there’s plenty to go around for everyone, and those words couldn’t be any further from the truth.

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  • It is impossible for me to work from home. There are way to many distractions and almost no motivation. I don’t think I have the mental determination to work from home.

    That’s why, even though I have the option, I go to work at my office every morning.

  • dang, being a poor college student and all, maybe i should look into this working at home stuff, since it will pay more and i can still be on my parents health care plan (for a couple more years at least). the only thing i fear is that the work at home type stuff seems more geared at professionals or people with a lot of experience.

  • amy

    working at home is easier said than done… before you can establish an online profile, it takes hard work and patience, but is indeed rewarding.
    I’m still waiting for the time that I’m just at home waiting for the fruit of my work hehe

  • Working at home is awesome. It definitely is not for everyone though.

  • Working at home is kinda relaxing and you will tend to have more time do to own things. Im a student myself, and i love to do works at home and study at the same time.

  • Well mostly student are tend to like working at home since they don’t have the time to do full time job. As myself, im a student as well. Being a poor student really annoying, as our needs exceed our money. Besides as a college student asking parent money seems be harder than when we were young kids.

  • someday am goin to quit my job and start working at home…

  • I like a lot of your points. I would also just like to re emphasise that the more time you spend on whatever your doing the best results your going to get, like it is with everything in life. So good luck everyone im sure your working from home is going to be a success.


  • working at homes requires high discipline, and i dun think this is possible with me..

    niway good post. enjoyed reading it. keep up the good work!

  • Heh yeah I don’t think I’d have much luck working at home either.

  • As i note all freelancers need time and diligence. Some time it could be more difficult than official job but the earning is competitive means ( as more we do as more we can earn).

  • Yor

    I would have to agree,working from home can be quite rewarding in several ways – financially, time-wise, and it offers a sense of fulfillment to name a few. As long as we’re aware of any possible pitfalls that can occur ahead of time, and we learn to combat them, working from home can be very rewarding.