Is Choosing an Ecommerce Software Integral?

If you are planning to build and maintain an ecommerce enabled website or blog, choosing Shopping cart software is an integral part of your feasibility study. If you are running a beta stage of your site, you can try their 10 day free trial in which you can test their ecommerce software and then you can take an easy decision.

Generally, The software can be easily customized for use with any web publishing tool like Dreamweaver, Frontpage, and other HTML editing programs. While building your shopping cart and uploading more products and contents, you can generate multiple templates depending on the product type or theme.

Inserting HTML codes in the product descriptions are allowed which give you more chance to further customize the product pages. Since HTML can be inserted in product pages, You can implement simple but effective search engine optimization by including alt tags, meta tags, and search engine friendly descriptions.

One interesting feature of the Ashop Commerce shopping cart is that was designed to tie into Ebay stores. The software also allows for products to be listed in more than one category. The shopping cart program creates a static url form which you can insert in emails and newsletter.

Best of all, you can sell intangible items or items which are downloadable like mp3’s, e-books with the use of this shopping cart software.

You can also join their affiliates program and you can make money by referring their shopping cart software. One can make 30% of the total sign up fee and also a further 5% commission will be paid if your referred affiliate signs up a client with Ashop Commerce.

  • Thanks for the headstart ! There are many options out there, think i’ll heed to your suggestion.

  • Thanks for this. I’m still looking for some other more affordable shopping cart software. I might focus first on Zen Cart and see how much modification would be needed for my specific needs. More power to you.

  • I just came from searching for a good page on Google and came to this site. I have to say these templates are quite nice. Thank you for providing them in your post. I will be sure to bookmark this site and return again.