Are you looking for Search Engine Optimisation or a Search Marketing Agency?

First Rate is an SEO company, Operating since 2001 with headquarters in Australia. They have been helping clients increase the returns from their website investments. First Rate operates as one of the largest specialist online marketing consultancies in Australasia with over 25 staff. With solid SEO knowledge and years of experiences, First Rate has created a unique marketing methodology along with supporting software that allows us to implement highly successful internet marketing campaigns. Due to rapid growth, they always have a range of vacancies for Internet marketing jobs.

While there are thousands of SEO companies, First Rate is one of quality SEO companies that understand many aspects of Search Engine Marketing and online business strategies. First Rate also keeps up-to-date with online trends and cutting-edge marketing methodologies and combines this with client-specific online market research, competitor analysis and Website KPI benchmarking to advise clients on customer demand, online revenue models, required site functionality and online marketing.They are also a member and contributor to the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA), the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) and The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), which was formed to fill the gaps in awareness and understanding of SEM, including educating marketing managers worldwide about what SEM is and how properly implemented SEM programs can provide some of the highest returns on investment possible in the marketing world today.

Here is a list of their Search Engine Optimisation methods that they use to increase your website rank in search engines.

  • Homepage optimisation
  • Site meta tag optimisation
  • Site content optimisation
  • Site template optimisation
  • Content management system review

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the process of adjusting the content and technology of a site to increase the amount of natural search engine traffic (free traffic) it receives. First Rate started as an SEO specialist provider and is now one of the most experienced SEO specialist provider in Australia and New Zealand. The founder of First Rate is a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences in Australia and New Zealand including Search Engine Room and Search Engine Bootcamp, last year he also presented at Ad Tech Sydney & Ad Tech New York.

First Rate also offers a wide range of other online marketing consulting services including:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is the practice of paying search engines to appear at the top of the search results in their ‘sponsored listing’ area. An advertiser’s position is determined by how much they are prepared to pay per click, the relevancy of their ad, its popularity and other “Quality Score” factors determined by the search engine. Due to the auction effect, the Quality Score and the number of phrases involved this becomes a complex media buy that requires expert management. First Rate has 15 Qualified Google Adwords experts on its staff. First Rate manages over 1,000,000 paid clicks per month for its clients.

Online Strategy

First Rate has over seven years’ experience working with hundreds of leading websites and their owners to advise clients on their online strategy. First Rate also keeps up to date with online trends and methodologies and combines this with client-specific research, competitor analysis and benchmarking to advise on customer demand, online revenue models, required site functionality and online marketing.

Email Marketing

First Rate manages the in-house email mailing lists of many leading e-commerce sites and publishers. These lists are used to send newsletters, offers and surveys to the site’s registered membership. First Rate offers email strategy, template design, list growth tactics and an outsourced newsletter production and reporting services. First Rate manages over 1,000,000 email subscribers and sends over 2 milion emails per month.

Online Advertising (banner ads & email advertising lists)

In addition to the banners ads offered as part of The Performance Network (TPN), First Rate also offers more traditional online advertising media buying (‘rate card’) options. Although First Rate normally sticks to ad placements that have a proven direct response element. First Rate is an expert in generating maximum response from online advertising.

Performance Marketing

In addition to the SEM media spend First Rate also manages other performance-based online media. These range from CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per acquisition) and CPS (cost per sale). First Rates places its client’s ads on comparison shopping sites and affiliate networks, but primarily on its own Ad Network – The Performance Network (TPN).

First Rate operates New Zealand’s largest Ad Network and also has a substantial Australian ad network (launched in May 2007). TPN offers a range of services including banner ads, text ads, RSS, and ecommerce product feeds. The TPN network has just launched in Australia. First Rate also partners with international networks via TPN, buying their Australian and International ‘eye balls’.

Website Design & Web Development

First Rate provides advice and support to ensure client’s sites have all the technology and features in place to support a wide range of online marketing activities and site conversions. Common activities include email template design, landing pages and contemporary ad creative. First Rate does not offer “creative design” or “custom development” but works closely with a client’s designer or developer. First Rate does offer very effective middle-tier e-commerce solutions.

Campaign Reporting & Web Analytics

First Rate’s proven marketing methodology is based on direct response campaigns. So a clear picture of conversion rates and ROI from various media is vital. First Rate uses its proprietary system Media Tracker to track site traffic coming from all sources (paid and free). Media Tracker also offer flexible action tracking so all site conversions can be tracked.

Other systems recommended by First Rate include Google Analytics and Omniture.