4 Things to Do Before Becoming a Full Time Freelancer

Becoming a full time freelancer should not be an overnight decision.  Sure, you can throw your hat over the fence, so to speak, but you might be exposing yourself unnecessarily to certain risks.  Here are ways you can transition from your 9-to-5 job and become a full time freelancer:

Learn everything about the business.
If you’re transitioning naturally to a freelance business that’s related to your present job, you shouldn’t have a lot of problems.  However, if the freelance work you’re looking at is a hobby or an interest, try to learn what you can about it first.  That way, you’ll have a better perspective

Keep your day jobs at first.
Don’t quit your job yet.  Freelancing is notoriously unpredictable, particularly in the early stages.  Having a job will keep you secured should your first forays into freelancing are not as well as you expected.

Save emergency fund to spend for the next six months.
Have something to live on once you’ve transitioned completely.  Three to six months’ worth of savings to pay for expenses should be enough.  Save as much money as you can before becoming a full-time freelancer.  This will help cover for expenses should those freelancing checks don’t come on time.

Work everyday.
Integrate your freelance work into every free time you have.  Got an hour to spare everyday to work on your skills or market your freelance business?  Maximize those 60 minutes. Talk to people, observe the market, look for suppliers, study and promote your business.  The better your skills are, the more likely your freelancing business will succeed once you go full-time.