Textlinkbrokers.com is hiring a Director of Strategic Link Building.

Textlinkbrokers.com is offering $5000 to anyone that refers someone that will be hired for the said position. Referral fee will be paid after completion of 90 day evaluation period and is only applicable to the Director of Stategic Link Building position. The referrer needs to provide introduction to candidate and proof of referral. The application is open for an experienced link builder who is geared up to work with one of the largest and fastest growing Link Building / SEO Companies in the world. The Director will oversee our custom link building / SEO services department, which involves managing SEO Project Managers and Service Managers. Click Here for Job Details


  1. A minimum of 4 years hands-on experience building links via a variety of methods
  2. Deep knowledge of the link building industry
  3. Ability to create custom link building strategies using in-house resources/programs
  4. The creativity to build custom campaigns and services from conception to ROI
  5. Capacity to organize, manage and work with a team in order to meet deadlines and goals
  6. Strong base in project management, research, metrics / analytics; budgeting and pricing
  7. Desire to work with Executive Staff, Clients, Sales People and Project Managers directly
  8. Advanced knowledge of on-site SEO
  9. Social Media skills a plus
  10. Must illustrate success on past projects

About TextLinkBrokers:

Textlinkbrokers is a global company servicing the needs of professional SEM agencies and individuals looking for high qualiy link development. Our staff consists of over 60 full-time employees. Our main office is located in Phoenix, Arizona and is where you can find 25 of our core management and sales staff. Below we have listed some contact information for some key people in our organization.