How to start a Blog?

What in the world is a Blog and why would I want one? This is probably one of the burning question a lot of people are asking themselves everyday. Almost every blogger benefits from blogging, it could be personal or monetary. Starting a blog is quite easy, It pretty like a regular website you have started with before, it acts like a website but it is so much more.

I stumbled upon, A website that can help you start a blog and learn at the same time. is a free blog community that allows anyone to open an online journal, upload photos, videos or do podcasting, add friends and be rated for the quality of their posts. It is a combination of blog and social networking at the same time. It is a place where bloggers discuss things and meet other bloggers with the same interests.

They offer a blog post rating system, that allows other bloggers to rate every post that they read. They also offer prices to the most active bloggers in the community.

What can you do on

  • Create Blog Posts
  • Share Photos & Videos
  • Share Music Files & Podcasts
  • Post in the Forums
  • Discuss Current News
  • Meet New People

Go to and try it out.