How important is your Web Design?

best web design companyHaving a good, simple, and easy to navigate website always give visitors a good impression that last. If you want to improve the design of your website, there are several key elements that should be evaluated and implemented. A web-site can be in a multimedia platform which may include streaming audio, video and animations.

Your web design should allow web pages to load fast to provide good visitors experience. Keep in mind that not everyone uses a fast DSL internet connection. Most of Internet users still surf the Internet via dial-up modems like AOL. Avoid uploading big images and slow loading banners and images. Make sure to use interlaced low-res images that have been optimized for the web. According to a study, a website which doesn’t load in less than 15 seconds is just being left out by most of its visitors.

To achieve all the above mentioned strategies, your website building needs a professional touch from professional website designers and developers who can put their best acquired knowledge and experience to make a suitable online business portal that can turn each visitors into potential buyers.

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  • Web design reflect the view of author and so much. I think it’s very important for webmaster.

  • My blog has a gorgeous design, but my main site is fairly ugly. I’ve been meaning to improve it, and even have started looking around for a firm who might be able to help me with a template. I’ll have to look into Nvisolutions; thanks for recommending them. Actually, I think I’m about to check that out, except that you have a photography category … I’d like to see that first.

  • Web design is of great importance to your site. a user who went on the site should be
    interesting and pleasure on the site

  • For getting the impression, we should think about the design of the website. It has significance on the site.

  • if your site design is suck you’ll definitely lose visitors.

  • I was always very focused on producing the best website – best design, best code etc.

    But overtime I have realised that most of the time it needs to be “good enough” – you can always improve, so make sure you are concentrating on the important aspects in the short term.

  • Design is very important in some areas. And like the experts say, good design should be invisible.

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    Design and layout will be the key of any site

  • The thing a visitor looks at the first time see It’s your website template/layout and if that designed bad, Then you’ll lost your visitors for the next time!

  • Certainly web design will be of utmost importance to a website as it gives a general impression of you and your company to the visitors.

  • Yes it is very important, it is the first impression after all!

  • Its very important and time consuming at the same time. :)

  • Great article. I thought that the main thing missing was the mention of Accessibility issues.

    Inaccessible sites effectively cut out the percentage of your potential user base tat either have vision impairment or can’t use a pointing tool like a mouse and Accessibility is a vital influence on website design.

    A benefit of it is that a well built, Usable, Accessible site is practically perfectly built for Search Engine optimisation, all you need are those links and you’re set.


  • Design is definitely one of the most important attributes to a succesful website. It is often the first thing that people see/hear about your business (I don’t know anyone nowerdays who doesn’t Google a company before giving them their business) and if the site doesn’t look professional/breaks when they try and use it/can’t find what they are looking for then they will navigate away and not come back. Customer confidence is the most important thing to consider when designing/developing a business website.

  • “The thing a visitor looks at the first time see It’s your website template/layout and if that designed bad, Then you’ll lost your visitors for the next time!”


  • The Design should be good, and it should not have any errors(validation) to be crept in. Without a Quality Design, you cannot attract visitors, and your website is not a complete one.