Do You Have Blogging Goals? Why You Need Directions

blogging goals and directionsSo you want to start a blog. Anyway, it’s easy, fast and with the available resources these days, very convenient. It’s also a hit with many people and in fact, many individuals have become famous and successful blog-preneurs simply by posting their own pages online. But before you start your own, consider this: do you have blogging goals? If you don’t, you might want to pause right now and think why you need them.

What’s a blog to do?
Every blog in the internet universe has a purpose. What’s yours? Consider what you want to do with your blog. Do you want to use it as part of your marketing and promotions for your business? Do you want to monetize it?

Do you have a freelance business that can benefit from the extra exposure of a blog? If you own a consultancy business, for example, you can use a blog to dispense advice, tell stories or market your business. A blog that people will find useful will be an excellent supplement to your website.

Know what you intend to do with your blog before you start one. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and resources on something you don’t need and won’t do anything for you.

Form should equal function
Now that you know what your blogging goals are, consider how the blog will look and work. This will help you streamline your blog so that every element present will promote your bottomline. Too many stuff in your blog that do nothing for your goals will make it look cluttered, without a purpose.

Consider your blogging goals to help you decide about content, layout, types of ads and ads placement in your blog. A cohesive blog is easier for your visitors to navigate and use. It also maximizes and fulfills your purpose.

  • Mainly mine is to bring exposure … no pun intended. I do a bit of photography on the side, and also as a hobby. So I like to show off my stuff, but that has the possibility of getting some editor familiar with my work who might ultimately approve my book deal… I don’t sell anything through my site, so there’s no direct concept of a conversion, but that doesn’t mean I can safely ignore your advice…