Is your Laptop Encrypted?

laptop data encryptionEveryone loves privacy, specially if its about your personal or financial information. We sometimes keep all the records in a laptop but how can you make sure that all saved information in your notebook cannot be compromised in case of loss. Protecting data is critical for enabling digital business and day to day personal activities. Data assets which may consist of financial, customer, or transaction information, are the lifeblood of every business. Things important can also be stolen and we have to make sure the stored information cannot be compromised. Imagine being immune to the damages of stolen laptops, and having the peace of mind that sensitive files are only being accessed by authorized users.

Recent incidents involved the theft of 26,000 SSNs and photos at U.S. Department of Agriculture, a laptop containing fingerprints of 291 employees of the Internal Revenue Service, the Energy Department’s loss of 1,500 employee and contractor’s personal records at the National Nuclear Security Administration, a compromise of the identities of 2.2 million active-duly military personnel at the Department of Veteran Affairs, a stolen laptop at the Federal Trade Commission with data on 110 people, the Navy discovered 28,000 personal records one day on a website, and finally, an insurance company employee exposed 17,000 personal Medicare records according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

The only way to fully secure your laptop is by encryption. Don’t ever think of selling a used hard disk thinking that data’s can really be erased. I started using Alertsec Xpress laptop Data Encryption Software. This software provides an exceptionally convenient, cost-effective and secure encryption service. They also offer Pointsec hard disk encryption software packaged and pre-configured for easy deployment.

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