Searching for Blogging Jobs? 4 Top Blog Networks You Can Join

Looking for ways to earn through blogging? Blogging is steadily growing as a business and as supplement to advertising. In fact, some of the top earners online are people who maintain blogs. Blogging is also an excellent way to monetize your interests and expertise. Here are four of the top blog networks you can use to search for blogging jobs:

1. Weblogs Inc.
This is currently the biggest blog network at present, offering over a hundred blogs with topics that range from business to technology to fashion and travel. That means you virtually have a spot for a paid blogging job provided you write excellent content.

2. b5Media
In terms of global reach, this blog network is one of the most popular. It has nearly 300 blogs and boasts of millions of unique visitors each month. It is attractive to many advertisers because it has an extensive and loyal following. For bloggers searching for jobs, it’s also one of the best platforms.

3. Creative Weblogging
This is another reliable and fast growing blog network. It boasts of high quality content and editors who are recognized authorities in their respective fields. Bloggers with a high number of readership are awarded traffic bonuses.

4. Know More Media
Know More Media is a blog network that specializes in business topics. If you’re a blogger with experience in fields such as accounting, banking, venture capital, construction, lending and international business, you’ll find your niche here. Bloggers who want to monetize their blogs can take advantage of Know More Media’s support, promotions and free training.