Use Your Multimedia Blog for Fun and Profit

earn money with your multimedia blogWhy use multimedia in your blog? Why not? The technology is already available and convenient to use, so you have no reason not to take advantage of it. Multimedia can also help increase your audience and promote your blog to more people. It can also help you increase the monetization power of your blog. Here are ways how:

Use original content.
If you want to profit from your multimedia blog, you better have original content. The internet is filled with free resources – free content, video, audio, graphics, animation, etc. If you must compete in these departments, your offerings should be fresh, unique, of good quality and truly worth the price.

Sell tutorials.
Take advantage of your blog’s multimedia capabilities and sell tutorials and how-tos from your site. Instead of downloadable e-books and instruction materials, use audio or video. Since most of your site’s visitors are probably used to viewing content as text, you can make it much more interesting if you can offer your visitors a new experience.

Speaking and consulting
Do you have an expertise you can sell? Why not use multimedia on your blog and reach out to a wider audience?

You can derive profit from this directly or indirectly. Through paid viewing or file downloads, your visitors/clients can use video, audio and images to take advantage of your talk. If you prefer to use multimedia for free, you can use video clips, photos, podcasts and the like to promote your expertise, expose your blog or drum up interest for your business.

Increase traffic.
If your blog profits from high traffic, text links and ads, using a well-designed and organized multimedia blog can attract more visitors. Since more people will view your site and (potentially) click on your ads, you can be assured that your blog remains attractive and profitable.