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Have you ever thought of joining a family related social networking site? brings your entire family together to safely share family photos, family calendar events, special family recipes, parenting tips and important family news and updates. This site offers Family Websites which aim to reunite long lost family members. The website aims to preserve family values by letting you share family’s history online. You can also create a family database that contains gift lists, sends birthday reminders and finds shipping and mailing addresses easily.

These are some of the Features of having your own Family Website:

  • Share family photos
  • Get Family News
  • Share recipes and remedies
  • Family Calendar
  • Wish Lists
  • Store Family Addresses
  • Hold Live Family Chats
  • Preserve Family History
  • Crossings

Unlike our free version, you won’t find any ads from our sponsors except those in the coupon and shopping sections. What you will find are special offers available only to Premium members! For only $9.95 per month, the premium version starts you out with 250MB of storage space for all your vital memories. It has 12 features that will bring the family together.

As your Family Crossings web site grows Premium members have the option of adding storage space for photos and other special memories in 1 GB amounts.

If safety concerns you, don’t worry, Family Crossings provides secured servers that protects your information from fraudsters. Each user will have their own password and they can have certain level of privileges which you can assign to them. For more information visit