Ways Photoshop Can Help Improve Your Blog’s Appeal

So what does Photoshop, a tool commonly used by graphic designers have to do with your blog? Plenty, if you wish your blog to be more attractive and create more buzz. Many of the most popular blogs also happen to be very attractive and aesthetically appealing. If you already have quality content and would like kick it up a notch higher, here are simple and easy Photoshop tips you can use:

Spice up your logo and banner.
The very first thing your visitors see when they log on to your site is your logo or banner. This is the block of space found on top of your page that contains your blog’s title, logo or tag line.

Using Photoshop, you can create graphics and illustrations, edit photos and improve fonts. So the next time your visitors check out your site, they will be treated to a more attractive and buzz-worthy look.

Create a customized blog.
With Photoshop, you no longer have to be generic and look generic. Take your favorite images, colors, fonts and shapes and digitally manipulate them to come up with a look that’s all your own. Need interesting borders or want to use your own handwriting for your blog? Photoshop will help you achieve this.

Create a favicon.
A favicon is an icon that you customize to fit your blog. This tiny logo will appear beside your website’s URL. That way, each time a visitor logs on to your site, they’ll find this tiny piece of Photoshop art in your web browser’s address bar. It’s a small touch that will make a big difference to your blog’s unique look.