Spock.com – The Best Way to Search People

Spock.com the best way to search peopleAre you looking for a long lost friend or you just want to know someone elses profile? Try Spock.com – The Best Way to Search People , It is a search engine focused on finding people. All you need to do is to type in the name of the person you want to search and Spock will display the results with matching photo, address, occupation, interests and other needed information. You can type in a hobby and location (”photography, Manila”) and it will search for people who loves photography in Manila.

All Spock users can also tag people manually, each member can vote on which tags are accurate and which are not. Anyone can upload a multiple photos for a Spock member and users can vote on which they think is best. Just like Wiki, its content will be coming from its users, a lot more exciting features are underway.

Spock.com is a personal search engine that helps users find and discover people and information about people. The engineers behind Spock.com intend to profile every person in the world. They are taking advantage of the information provided by individuals about themselves on social networking sites such as MySpace and LinkedIn.

Try searching your name and you found a search result, you can definitely claim it by signing up on its free service. Once you’ve claimed your name you can edit the photos and you can update your own contact information.

What is Spock?

Spock is a free people and information search engine. People can be searched by name or by a “tag” consisting of a personal piece of information (e.g. Manila Freelancer, Web Designer, Virtual Assistant, etc). These tags can be created by the person, or by other Spock members. Opinions can be voiced about a person by voting for or against a tag (this includes pictures as well). Although we’re not a social network we do have some capabilities such as messaging. Within a search result are links to a person’s other locations on the web (e.g. MySpace, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, blog, etc) Visit http://www.spock.com/ 

  • Hey this is a pretty cool service, I’ll have to include it on my own site. It seems though that they are using information that can already be found on regular search engines. Still useful and fun nonetheless!

  • wow this is great! I’ll try searching for my name and claim it!

  • great post.Find long lost friend is like treasure that we can get it.Since internet become more and more growth each year.No wonder the service like this is available online via internet.