5 Gadgets Mobile Workers Cannot Live Without

Being a mobile worker nowadays is being a kid in a candy factory. There are a variety of peripherals and gadgets that can increase your efficiency, make your data more secure and are not burdensome. Topping the list for the mobile workers are smartphones, laptops, flash drives, Amazon’s Kindle and digital backup devices.

Smartphones, as their name implies, are phones that have a little bit of something built in. Moreover, smartphones have the processor power and memory like a small computer that is packed into a usual mobile phone.

The applications that can be found on smartphones closely resemble what you can find on a desktop PC. What is important is that these smartphones have a synchronization feature with the desktop and vice versa.

Connection in the phone part of the smartphone allows you to receive and send e-mails. Smartphones also have the ability to surf the web on the go.

Laptop works best for mobile workers and it is freelancers gadget of choice. Laptops today come in different sizes having technologies built-in like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Flash drives or USB thumb drives have escalated on the popularity scale over the recent years. This is because flash drives are a way to quickly share files amongst different machines especially by mobile computer users.

Amazon Kindle is another gadget must-have for mobile workers. This is Amazon’s version of a book reader that boasts of its 6-inch screen with 800 x 600 display and an internal storage of 256MB. The Kindle also has a scroll wheel, keyboard cursor bar for two thumbs and a mini USB port that is standard. The spec sheet also claimed that the Kindle have an SD slot, standard headphone jack or the 3.5mm ones and EV-DO data.

The last top mobile worker gadget is a digital backup device. Luckily, there are a lot of backup options for PCs and digital backups are not limited to PCs anymore. Cameras can also have digital backups nowadays.