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cheap webhosting and domain registrationIf you are planning to launch your own money making blog and want to know more about webhosting packages, then you should try Gossimer.com. Gossimer is a one stop solution for your webhosting and domain registration requirements. I decided to visit Gossimer.com to check out their web hosting products and packages and I can say that their web hosting packages are truly competitive and the hosting features are pretty attractive. Their hosting package provides a Cpanel control panel, website statistics, email features and a lot more.

Their web hosting plans are divided into the starter plan ($5.95/m), economy plan ($8.95/m), luxury plan ($16.95/m) and business plan ($29.95/m). If you are just starting, the starter plan is a good package while you are building your site readership and traffic. Once your site becomes popular, you can easily upgrade your account to a high end plan.

Gossimer.com is a leading provider of internet services and has made a special mark in the web hosting and domain name registration industry. They provide quality domain registration and web hosting services for your online presence and generate business throughout the year. With powerful servers, redundant network, and professional technicians; Gossimer’s years of experience allows you to keep your websites online 24×7 at a very affordable price. For more details visit http://gossimer.com

  • Mention of Domain names prices here could have been better.

  • A good and comprehensive prices of hosting and domain packages.

  • Apart from those features you’ve mentioned, anyone who’s willing to register a domain name should seriously consider taking a privacy protection cover (Sound like an insurance policy isnt it? :D) along with the domain name, coz if not you’ll just asking for trouble……

  • That’s a interesting offer. But It think it is a little expensive. I’m sure you can find better offers but anyway it is an option that must be considered.

  • David

    Excellent Webhost, I am currently hosting my two websites with Gossimer, their plans are very affofrdable and reliable, I thing which I would like to mention here is the server up time the server uptime of gossimer is 100 percent, I would say Gossimer rocks!

  • Martin

    I completely agree with you, Gossimer web hosting is one of the bests if we look at cheap and reliable web hosts out there, Their 100 percent server uptime, customer support are excellent! I would suggest people to go for Gossimer web host for Affordable and reliable web host.