: America’s world class Web Hosting Provider

Most of us bought our webhosting package from the same company whom we bought the domain name. Selecting your web host is crucial; remember that you will rely on them for your internet presence. Each web publisher cannot afford to have a downtime since a potential online customer or buyer can visit and buy your products and services anytime of the day.

The connection between your information systems and your online business is more important than ever, data servers carry the important information that is the backbone of your company. A disruption or disconnection in your online strategy can mean the difference between you being in or out of business. Collocation America provides you with immediate connectivity to over 200 Tier 1 bandwidth providers.

Therefore, in order to ensure that your internet presence is up 24×7, a dedicated and reliable web server is needed. Colocation America provides just that, and more. With it providing hosting and storage service for its clients, it lightens the clients’ dependence on their own in-house IT resources, and enables them to focus more on running their respective businesses, sales and marketing being the usual priorities.

Whether you have outgrown your current IT location, are experiencing operational challenges, are looking for a more cost effective solution or want to diversify locations for security and convenience, Colocation America can help you streamline your overhead without compromising the security and performance of your technology assets.

Colocation America’s world class facility at the prestigious One Wilshire Building, located in downtown Los Angeles California, offers you 24/7 security, state-of-the-art environmental controls and access to high speed communication providers that make your network thrive.

At Colocation America, we provide access to over 200 top-notch carriers, such as AT&T, Level 3, Qwest, Global Crossing, SBC, XO Communications and many more to offer virtually unlimited network capacity. You can negotiate and purchase your bandwidth directly from us and we will manage systems to your exact needs and specifications.