Tips to Writing a Killer Website Copy

writing a killer website copyIn website designs, a website copy is really essential especially if you want to make a profit in what you do online. It is in fact very important to have a killer website copy.

A killer web site copy means writing or making use of words on your website which is excellent enough that whoever stumbles and wants what you sell will be obligated to make transactions with you at this very instant.

To be able to write a killer website copy, use your imagination freely. Imagine that you are pitching for your prospect. Make sure you tell your prospect the advantages of conducting business with you than with other companies.

Imagine that you are close in making a sale but your prospect have inquiries on what you are selling. Remember that you only have one chance to sell what you are offering.

Keep in mind the following:

  •  Content of your pitch
  •  Your manner of speaking
  •  Convincing factor so that the prospect will buy what you offer right now

Write your notes on these three areas and this will turn into your sales pitch. Since you should have already thought about your presentation, it is time to think about the objections that your prospects may have. Take note that you only have one chance to get them to spend money on what you’re offering so think about the possible objections and write them. Think about how you are going to respond to the objections then write your answers.

Once you have thought about what you have to say, your objections and answers, merge your sales pitch with how you handle the objections then you have your very own main sales pitch.

Rewrite your copy and go over it until the entire copy has a flow. Remember to keep everything conversational. Never attempt to write as if you are a large institution if you are not. Try to write like you talk.

Always imagine that you are talking to your prospects. Make use of examples, stories, bullets, sub-headings and a headline. Write about 100 headlines then choose the best one from the list.

Give importance on your headline because it makes or breaks your website. Without a good headline, visitors will not carry on reading your copy for sales. Fact is no one will go to the trouble of reading your website copy if you don’t have an excellent headline.

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