Snaptouch : Editing your Photos in a Snap!

snaptouch photo editorAre you a freelance photographer? Do you love taking lots of digital travel photos? SnapTouch has features that are useful for any digital photo photographer. With SnapTouch, any photographer, whether amateur or professional, can easily connect to an image source (a digital camera, a flash disk or other source), view and sort photos, specify where to copy them to and import them to a computer. SnapTouch can automatically rotate and/or rename photos while copying them. You can specify rules for renaming files. SnapTouch can also rename entire groups of photos. You can also rename digital photo files after they are copied. SnapTouch a valuable tool for every digital camera owner.

With SnapTouch you can semi-automatically crop groups of files while maintaining their proportions. Never before has is been so easy to change your photos’ proportions.

Main program features:

  •  Smart file importing and renaming
  •  Creating collections and batch processing
  •  Date and time stamping
  •  Removing the red-eye effect
  •  Cropping while maintaining proportions
  •  Viewing EXIF 
  •  Adding comments
  •  Supporting of localizations and skins

Also, SnapTouch includes many other features commonly found in photo processing programs. Full list of features

SnapTouch features:

  • Smart importing of your photos from memory cards and cataloging them automatically
  • Renaming your pictures with a customizable procedure using the EXIF information
  • Creating collections of your photos and processing entire collections, folders, or selected shots in batch mode rotating your photos without reducing their quality
  • Cropping your pictures while maintaining all proportions resizing multiple photos to one size automatically
  • Removing red-eye from your photos using a customizable procedure adjusting sharpness of your photos
  • Stamping your photos with date and time information as well as adding comments automatically
  • Adjusting brightness level of your photos using a customizable procedure
    viewing EXIF information about your pictures deleting EXIF information from photo files
  • Commenting right in your photo files mirroring without reducing the quality of your photos
  • Full-screen view of your photos, their EXIF data, date and time taken, and comments attractive interface which is customizable and has a variety of settings for all features

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